Knowledge management solutions for the world’s unstructured data
Providing the right information to the right people at the right time

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Kvasir’s solutions proactively bring information together from multiple unstructured sources to increase business efficiency, decrease costs and reduce risk.

What we do

Kvasir’s underlying technology is based on innovative research from some of the best minds at Cambridge University’s Computer Laboratory.

Using advanced Machine Learning, NLP and Semantic technology Kvasir’s solutions solve the problems of working with siloed unstructured data from almost any source including document archives, email, chat, and video. This allows you to search for and index relevant information easier, or Kvasir can bring you relevant information without even having to look for it.

Features and benefits

Fast. Queries typically take less than 200ms enabling truly conversational interactions

Multilingual. Any language – no need for language experts or translators. You can even search in one language against a library created in another.

Any input. Queries can be keywords, APIs, full documents, PDFs, web pages… allowing greater result accuracy and relavancy.

Immersive. Kvasir can proactively bring you information – providing additional data to help decision making before you even know you need it

Secure and Private. Source data is not stored by Kvasir and no personal profiles are used. No GDPR compliance issues and you control your data

Data Efficient. Kvasir doesn’t rely on accessing terabytes of archived data which means data transfer is very efficient, portable, and aids remote working

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Enterprise search

It is easy to become overloaded from the many high volume information flows that exist on the Internet.

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Intelligent assistant

Intelligent Assistant actively monitors interactions between people to proactively provide information and assistance when they need it.

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We create knowledge management solutions that provide the right information to the right people at the right time

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