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What we do

KvasirA provides semantic search as a service. By modelling content semantics we match the content you provide against vast document collections to give you the documents that best match your content without needing you to search by keyword. As well as matching against the document collections that we build and curate ourselves, you can also provide and curate your own private document collections.

magnifying glass Semantic search

KvasirA uses machine learning and natural language processing techniques to model document similarity.

Your document is the query — no need to write any search terms!

magnifying glass Scalable

KvasirA balances accuracy with performance, matching among millions of documents within milliseconds.

We can index hundreds of thousands of documents in just a few minutes!

magnifying glass Flexible

KvasirA can easily be integrated into existing applications and processes.

We support applications ranging from content recommendation to document management and exploration!

magnifying glass Your documents

KvasirA supports searching and indexing of documents in several common formats, including Microsoft Word and PDF.

You submit your documents and KvasirA takes care of the rest!

magnifying glass API access

KvasirA is a service that provides a flexible API for developers.

You can easily add document-matching functionality to your own applications and services!

magnifying glass Multi-language support

KvasirA can support document search and indexing in over ten different languages.

Query documents do not even need to be in the same language as the document library!


At its core, KvasirA builds a semantic model for a set of documents and generates an index optimised for similarity search.

Our technology evolved subsequently but for background detail, some of our earlier published papers are linked below.

Research Publications

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If you’re interested in using KvasirA search technology with your website/app, or trying out a demo, please get in touch with us.

You can also reach us on Twitter!